Restore Your Smile in a Day with

CEREC Same Day Crowns

We utilize cutting-edge CEREC technology to provide you with high-quality, custom-made crowns in just one appointment.

About Crowns

What You Should Know

Dental crowns are effective solutions for restoring damaged teeth. They serve as a cap, covering a damaged tooth to restore its form, strength, and function. Whether your teeth are decayed, broken, or worn, crowns can provide the restoration you need. Utilizing our advanced CEREC technology, we create crowns tailored perfectly to your requirements, ensuring comfort and a natural appearance.

About Bridges

What You Should Know

Dental bridges offer a solution for missing teeth. They ‘bridge’ the gap created by one or more missing teeth, anchored onto the adjacent natural teeth. Bridges not only restore your smile but also maintain the shape of your face, enable proper chewing and speaking, and prevent your remaining teeth from shifting.

Don’t wait to restore your beautiful smile. Discover the advantages of CEREC Same Day Crowns at Dr. Adam Gregor’s Dental Practice in Batavia, NY. Allow us to guide you to a stronger, healthier smile. Take the first step on your journey to enhanced dental health today.

Know Your Roots

A Photo Story Walkthrough

In an average case, we remove a wisdom tooth before there is any damage to the nerves running below the tooth. In image #5 (above), the nerve bundle travels through the jaw under the roots of these teeth.

A dental crown will fully encapsulate a damaged tooth, providing a whole new chewing surface.
A dental crown may be used to restore strength to a broken tooth, repair a tooth that has been extensively damaged, replace a large filling that has fractured or needs to be removed, restore a tooth after root canal therapy, top a dental implant, or act as a part of a fixed dental bridge.

In our office, we offer CEREC Same-Day Crowns, inlays, and onlays to our patients because we understand that their time is extremely valuable. CEREC offers a number of benefits, the primary one being that restorations are completed in a single visit rather than two.

To make a CEREC crown, we take a digital scan of the tooth after all damaged structure has been removed.

The CEREC machine takes the scanned images and uses them to custom design restorations made with high quality, biocompatible ceramic.

The completed restoration is bonded to the affected tooth and the patient is ready to resume normal activities without the need for further treatment.

The dental crowns made today are stronger than natural teeth, long lasting, and complementary to a beautiful smile. Learn more about CEREC technology and same-day crowns by make an appointment today.