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Root Canals

There’s no need to fear the words ‘root canal’; instead, look forward to the relief and renewed dental health it brings.

About Root Canals

What You Should Know

Root canal therapy is a treatment that eliminates significant infection from the root of a tooth while preserving the natural tooth structure. The root canal, a pathway for the nerve to provide sensation to the tooth, is protected by a layer of tissue called pulp. When decay advances to the point it infects the tooth’s center, the pulp becomes diseased or dies, leading to significant discomfort. In some cases, we can spot issues in the root canal through x-rays before severe pain sets in.

The root canal therapy procedure involves removing the infected pulp and the nerve of the affected tooth. Once we’ve cleared all tissue from the canal, we meticulously clean the area and seal it off. Following root canal therapy, we fully restore the treated tooth with a dental crown. At Dr. Adam Gregor’s Dental Practice, we understand that some patients may feel anxious about undergoing root canal therapy. We’re committed to providing this treatment with the utmost precision and a gentle touch.