Unlock the Potential of Your

Dental Insurance

We’re here to simplify it for you, ensuring you make the most of your dental insurance benefits.


What You Should Know

Insurance companies typically reimburse your dental care based on a “fee schedule.” This schedule is determined by what was considered the standard of care 10-20 years ago, reflecting the average quality of dental care.

However, dentistry has significantly evolved in recent years, and we too have progressed. We constantly invest in new technology to provide the best possible care for our patients.

At our practice, we maintain the same fees for all patients, regardless of whether they are insured or pay in cash. Please note that very few dental plans provide 100% coverage for dental fees. We are here to help you navigate your policy, determine the extent of available benefits, maximize the benefits you do have, and also request necessary benefits information from your insurance company.

We are committed to ensuring that everyone is clear on the extent of reimbursement before any treatment begins 

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