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Dental Services


Our dental hygienists provide regular dental cleanings. During a routine cleaning, plaque, calculus, and stains are removed from teeth, creating a more healthy and beautiful smile. Cleanings are recommended every six months to keep oral decay from damaging teeth and gums. We may recommend to those who are combating an ongoing condition such as gum disease that they receive professional cleanings more frequently, up to four times a year.


We have equipped our office with state-of-the-art digital x-ray machines that allow us to view issues that may be lurking below the surface of the teeth. Digital x-rays are more comfortable for the patient, more effective, and safer, as there is less exposure to radiation than with traditional x-rays. We use x-rays to:

  • Determine areas of decay that may not be immediately visible on physical examination
  • Visualize cracks or other types of damage to existing dental fillings
  • Evaluate bone tissue for any loss associated with periodontal disease
  • Assess the root canal for any infection or necrosis of nerve tissue
  • Check for abnormalities including oral cancer or cysts
    Devise a plan for necessary dental work
  • Monitor the development and growth of children’s teeth


We approach the extraction of teeth with the greatest of care, taking all of the appropriate measure to ensure patient comfort at all times. Our Galileos 3D imaging system can pinpoint the position of your wisdom teeth in three dimensions, making diagnosis and treatment as simple as possible.

Second Opinions

We are happy to offer a complimentary consultation if you think you need a particular service and would like a second opinion. Just give us a call!